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Soapmaking Tools

Soapmaking Tools and Soapmaking Supplies may be Shipped or Picked  Up

Soapmaking tools and soapmaking supplies may be shipped or picked up from the Soapmaking Studio location. Select either "Standard Shipping" or free "Store Pickup" during checkout. Pick up items during store hours or arrange a special pick up appointment time by calling the Soapmaking Studio: (619) 668-1435.

Soapmaking Tools Price

These are the same soapmaking tools used during classes at the Soapmaking Studio.

Infrared Thermometer Gun with Laser Pointer Targeting

Aim this infrared thermometer gun at a pot of melting oils to get its temperature. Accurately measures the surface temperature of melted liquid it is very important to agitate the liquid immediately prior to taking the temperature. Thermometer gun may be set to read in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. Very handy and easy to use. Features a back-lit LCD display with automatic shut off. Accurate range of distance is from 1 to 12 inches from test object. Thermometer gun is more acurate when held closer to test object and aimed at center of mass. Battery operated.

Infrared Thermometer Gun

Infrared Thermometer Gun

Soapmaking Tool Kit

This kit of two essential soapmaking tools includes the regular silicone loaf mold (model 1501) and the stainless steel soap cutter base. Purchasing the set saves 10% over buying each item separately.

Silicone Loaf Mold Soap Cutter Base
Tool Kit includes 2 tools for

Soapmaking Tool Kit

Soap Cutter Base

Stainless steel miter box holds a loaf of soap and has cutter guide slots to make cutting a perfect bar of soap quick and easy. Fits both our straight edge soap cutter and scalloped edge soap cutter. May be used to evenly slice regular or small guest size soap loaves into individual bars. Width of cut soap bars is 1 inch or less, depending on positioning of cut.

Soap Cutter Base

Soap Cutter Base

Straight Edge Soap Cutter

Cuts loaves or slabs of soap into bars with straight edges. Hand-held soap cutter has a wooden handle and a stainless steel blade. Width of cutting surface is 6 inches and can cut 3 inches deep into soap.

Straight Edge Soap Cutter

Straight Edge Soap Cutter

Scalloped Edge Soap Cutter

Cuts loaves or slabs of soap into bars with wavy edges. Hand-held soap cutter has a wooden handle and a stainless steel blade. Width of cutting surface is 6 inches and can cut 3½ inches deep into soap.

Scalloped Edge Soap Cutter
Temporarily Out of Stock

Bath Bomb Scoop

This bath bomb scoop is great for pressing fizzy bath powders into round balls. May also be used to scoop and press round soap balls. Scoop holds 2 ounces and makes balls 1¾ inches in diameter.

Bath Bomb Scoop

Bath Bomb Scoop

Mini Mixer and Attachments Set

This cordless mini mixer comes with 4 different attachments and serves for all sorts of applications. Perfect for beating, blending, mixing, stirring, and whipping. The frother attachment is ideal for blending powder pigments, ultramarines, and dyes into liquids. Use the mini whisk to mix fragrance oils into lotion bases. Uses 2 AA batteries, not included.

Mini Mixer

Mini Mixer

Soapmaking Spatula

Chemical-resistant construction. 9½-inch burgundy handle is durable hard nylon plastic and 4½-inch white blade is soft flexible silicone. Total length is 14 inches and entire spatula is heat-resistant to 500°F.

Soapmaking Spatula

Soapmaking Spatula

pH Test Tape

Roll of pH test tape allows user to tear of a strip of desired length. Accurately measures pH 1 through pH 13 by wetting tape with lather from soap. Recommended pH for soap is generally from pH 8 to pH 10.

pH Test Tape

pH Test Tape

Fragrance Test Strips

Pack of 100 fragrance test strips. One end for dipping into fragrances or essential oils, the other end for writing the name of the fragrance. Waft 2 or more together to mimic a blend. These 5" white fragrance test strips are made of special non-acidic, neutral paper. Each pack contains 100 strips.

Fragrance Test Strip

Fragrance Test Strips

Phenolphthalein Solution

1 ounce bottle of 5% phenolphthalein solution is more concentrated and more reliable than standard 1% solutions. This pH indicator is clear in the bottle. One drop can indicate the presence of free alkali by immediately changing to dark bright magenta in color. Bottle is sold sealed. Remove white cap and snip off end of clear tip with scissors to open. Replace white cap to prevent spills.


1 oz Bottle of Phenolphthalein

Pail Opener

Plastic bucket wrench makes removing lids and opening pails of oil a breeze.

Pail Opener

Pail Opener

Shrink Wrap Kit

Shrink Wrap Kit includes heat gun (dual-temperature), bag sealer wand (21 inches long), 500 feet of double-roll shrink film (18 inches wide), roll dispenser stand, heat-resistant cushioning pad, and protective silicone mat. Choice of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyolefin film is included. To upgrade kit to Biolefin (2.0 biodegradable polyolefin) film, add $46.
Call if you want to remove heat gun and save $20.
Film choices:
PVC 75- or 100-gauge (perforated or not) is $339.95
Polyolefin 60-, 75-, or 100-gauge (perforated or not) is $339.95
Biodegradable biolefin 60-gauge (perforated or not) is $385.95

Shrink Wrap Kit
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Choose Type of Film (500' Roll)
Shrink Wrap Kit

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