Soapmaking Studio

Learn to make salt scrubs and sugar scrubs at the Soapmaking Studio in San Diego County, CA.

Scrub Making Class

Salt Scrubs and Sugar Scrubs

Learn how to formulate effective spa-quality scrubs. In this Scrub Making Class, understand the difference between salt scrubs and sugar scrubs and when one is preferred over the other for easily achieving safe and natural skin exfoliation. Learn how to add beneficial vitamins and learn why preservatives should be used in oil based products. For those opposed to oil based products, learn how to create oil-free scrubs. Students take home three types of scrubs. Attend in person or online.


The Scrub Making Class will be held again in 2022. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients vital for making scrubs are currently unavailable to the public because they are reserved for the medical industry, due to their use in producing the coronavirus vaccine. We will hold this class again as soon as the ingredients are readily available for students to purchase.

Handmade Salt and Sugar Scrub

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Classes are held at a private home occupied by a pet cat. If you are allergic to cats, please contact prior to enrolling in a class.