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Soapmaking Studio in the News
Soapmaking Studio
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Soapmaking Studio in the News

We at the Soapmaking Studio are very grateful for the fabulous coverage provided by KUSI Channel 9, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and East County Magazine. We encourage students and soapmakers to "Like" and "Share" these resources to further the efforts of cottage industry personal care products manufacturers.

National Soapmaking Day

National Soapmaking Day is the Last Sunday in September

Officially Registered by Kerri Mixon on January 20, 2020

Spend the Sunday creating your own handmade soap to celebrate National Soapmaking Day. Whether you're making soap to share for Christmas, to sell at an autumn craft fair, or to use on Global Handwashing Day, this is the perfect day to learn a new hobby and honor the early pioneers who regularly made their own soap. National Soapmaking Day was registered by Kerri Mixon, the Master Soapmaker at Pallas Athene Soap, who is a 16th generation soapmaker. This is a day for celebrating soapmaking, sharing soapmaking with the world, and appreciating the people who participate in soapmaking. Unleash your inner chemist on National Soapmaking Day!

View or print Kerri Mixon's official Proclamation for National Soapmaking Day in PDF.

Go to the official website:

Objective Comparison of Shampoo Bars, Natural and Synthetic

Presented by Kerri Mixon to Soapmakers in Dallas in 2019

View the presentation slides: View Lecture Presentation for Dallas

The URL for the presentation stored on Google Drive:

The lecture presentation given by Kerri Mixon at the 2019 conference in Dallas, TX, will remain available on the Internet indefinitely.

The PDF handout notes for the presentation, including the DIY shampoo bar recipe, from the soapmaking conference in Dallas: handout-mixon-comparison-of-shampoo-bars.pdf.

A Look into Spring Valley's Cleanest Business by Bethany Nash

The East County Californian Article about Kerri Mixon and the Soapmaking Studio

The following article was written by Bethany Nash in April 2018 and was published in the East County Californian newspaper:'s-cleanest-business-0.

Presentation in 2017 "Ensure a Profit from Your Soap/Cosmetic Business"

Presented by Kerri Mixon to Soapmakers in Encinitas in 2017

The PDF handout notes for the presentation includes useful hyperlinks to valuable business resources: ensure-a-profit-from-your-soap-business.pdf.

Soap from Ashes

Presented by Kerri Mixon to Soapmakers in Las Vegas in 2017

The PDF handout notes for the presentation on extracting alkali solution to make soap from scratch from the soapmaking conference in Las Vegas: soap-from-ashes.pdf.

Soap Making by David Brooks

Union-Tribune Video about Kerri Mixon and the Soapmaking Studio

The following video was filmed by David Brooks of the San Diego Union-Tribune and appears on David Brooks' Vimeo page at and below. It has been archived and no longer appears on the Union-Tribune website.

Soapmaking Studio in Lemon Grove, on KUSI Channel 9

Television News Story about the Soapmaking Studio and Kerri Mixon

A rather lengthy spot appeared live on KUSI Channel 9 in San Diego in 2014 and is no longer in the KUSI archives. It included some nice footage and comments but is no longer available.

2014 Conference

Kerri Mixon Speaks to Soapmakers in Tucson, AZ

Kerri Mixon gave 2 presentations during the annual conference in Tucson, AZ, in May 2014: "Comprehensive Color and Scent for Soap and Cosmetics" and "Making Transparent Cold/Hot Process Soap." Her lecture presentations will remain available on the Internet indefinitely: View Lecture Presentations for Tucson.

2013 Conference

Kerri Mixon Speaks to Soapmakers in Raleigh, NC

Instructor Kerri Mixon was one of the featured lecture speakers during the annual conference in Raleigh, NC, in May 2013. Her presentation, "The Chemistry and Properties of Fatty Acids and Oils," was attended by soapmakers from around the world. Her lecture presentation will remain available on the Internet indefinitely: View Lecture Presentation for Raleigh.

Soapmaking Studio in Lemon Grove Offers Classes, Supplies, and Expert Instruction by Caprice Harrison

Article in East County Magazine

This very flattering article was written by Caprice Harrison of East County Magazine: The article is also available in a printable PDF version:

Bar-Spangled Manor by Candice Norwood

Union-Tribune Online Article about Kerri Mixon and the Soapmaking Studio from July 13, 2012

This article was posted to the Union-Tribune website the evening prior to the story running in the printed San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper. The online article was written by Candice Norwood and contains some fabulous photography by David Brooks:

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Classes are held at a private home occupied by a pet cat. If you are allergic to cats, please contact prior to enrolling in a class., 7301 Mount Vernon St, Lemon Grove, CA 91945
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